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Funny But Basic Treadmill Training Guide

Whether it is freezing cold or scorching hot outside, you can still keep yourself fit by walking on a treadmill.

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In fact, it is the perfect exercise machine that is convenient enough to use no matter what time of the day or night.

By applying this simple treadmill training guide, you can get the most out of this great equipment that can make you fit and healthy in easy ways!

  1. Try to workout without keeping your hands on the rails. Unless you are only cooling down during the last few minutes of your workout, try your best not to keep your hands on the rails to get the most out of your exercise. The thing about most people is that they hang onto the rails each time they take a stride on the treadmill. Unfortunately, this habit only shows that you are not exerting much force on your legs as you hold your weight up the whole time. As a result, you fail to boost your heart rate, which means you do not get to burn more calories than you should.  However, if you find it difficult not to grab on the rails as you train, then you might have to adjust the level of difficulty according to what suits you best. This way, you can get the maximum benefit from your workout as you train on the treadmill the right way.
  2. Follow a safe warm up technique. In any type of exercise routine, it is necessary to spend a few minutes on your warm ups to avoid injuries or accidents. Before you start running on a treadmill, consider walking for at least 3 minutes beginning with an easy walk and progress to a much faster pace. Afterwards, you can proceed to a marathon pace, yet keep it about a minute and a half slower each mile. The idea is to start slow and pick up the pace as you get your body ready for a more intense workout.
  3. Be aware of your own pace. Running on a treadmill for 10 minutes can never be compared with a 10-minute run outside. The absence of wind resistance, for instance, prevents you from reaching the indicated speed on the machine’s display monitor. So, you need to make some tweaks to your workout to compensate for this. One way to do this is by incorporating at least a 1-percent incline to your run (or maybe even more), so you can achieve the pace similar to what you can get from running outdoors.
  4. Try a bit harder each day. It is typical for some people to be contented with just taking a slow pace on the treadmill and keep at it until the end of their workout session. However, this is not the right way to do it when you want to burn more calories and achieve the most out of your training. Casual walking is comfortable and easy, but you need to go faster and use the incline to maximize your benefits. Try to increase your speed each time you workout, yet be aware of your body’s limits as you do so.
  5. Go for a comfortable stride. As you walk or run on a treadmill, you may suddenly have that strange feeling as though you are about to fall off the belt any minute. Some people react to this feeling by making their strides shorter and running closer to the front part of the treadmill while others choose to overstride just to keep up with the speed. Either way, you are only making things more difficult and less comfortable on your part. Just find a relaxed stride and stick to it, or you can always reduce the speed when it is already too much for you.
  6. Know the right maximum heart rate you should achieve. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, the only way for you to lose fat and burn more calories as you workout is when you have reached at least 70 percent of your maximum heart rate. Subtract your age from 220 to know your MHR. Then, just maintain that goal of hitting 70 percent – or maybe even higher – without overstressing your body. Whenever you feel exhausted, just set the pace into an easy jog or walk to cool yourself down before heading back to reach your goal.

Lastly, be sure to cool down before simply stepping off the treadmill.

The ideal length of time for the cooling down is a minute for each mile that you run.

So, if you did 10 miles, end your workout by taking 10 minutes of an easy walk.

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