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3 Must-Read Funny Treadmill Moments

When you are working out, it is inevitable to come across some hilarious and a bit embarrassing experiences along the way.

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However, these little scenarios simply add to the fun and excitement in what you do. After all, that’s what working should be all about โ€“ exciting and enriching at the same time! So, here are a few funny treadmill moments that might be worth reading.

Hopefully, these stories can make your day as you take a stride during your workouts. ๐Ÿ™‚

Treadmill FAILS: The Ultimate Compilation

All Tangled Up from Multi-Tasking

For people who want to get several things done at once, multi-tasking is the only way to go.

sole funny treadmill

When you are running on a treadmill, though, it may not be that easy for most multi-taskers. Just imagine this โ€“ taking long strides while practicing bicep curls and shoulder presses with a couple of dumbbells.

Sounds too easy?

Well, if you are used to do all these at the same time while you walk or run on a treadmill, then it can be fairly easy for you. Unfortunately, some people are not as talented when multi-tasking at the gym.

Sandra, a first-timer at the gym, decided to do a few other things on a treadmill โ€“ and it was not as easy as she thought it would be. After only a few lifts of the dumbbells, she ended up losing her balance and fell flat on her bottom! Good thing she was able to grab on the rails right away to pull herself up quickly. Because of that somewhat embarrassing and funny experience, she has decided to slow down the speed a bit when combining cardio and strength training.

Funniest Treadmill accident ever

Distracted and Unbalanced

It is quite common to see a lot of people with their earphones and bobbing their heads to the loud music playing on their MP3 players as they workout.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with listening to music or maybe watching from that tiny screen on your iPhone as you use the treadmill. However, if you become too absorbed into that music or video, then you may have a problem focusing on each stride you make.

For Mark, working out on a treadmill has been quite a bore.

He dislikes the idea of being stuck in a gym and running for hours on this exercise machine. So, he decided to bring his iPhone to his workout session and plugged in the earphone to give him some kind of distraction. It was going well for the first few minutes, but then a very interesting video started playing on his phone. That got him glued to the screen, and he was not even aware that he set the incline a few percentage higher than he was used to. Just as he started to adjust the volume on his phone, he suddenly lost his balance and fell on his knees!

For a second, he was glad no one saw that humiliating (and painful!) slip.

He just laughed it off and decided to listen to music instead, so he was able to focus more on his strides.

Funny treadmill accident

Making an Impression

Envious of your workout buddy who manages to workout at a much faster rate than you do?

When you are still stuck on your minimum speed and that already wears you out, it is understandable if you try to speed up just to break the habit. Well, unless you increase the speed subtly, it is perfectly fine.

However, stepping it up notches higher can do more harm than good.

Carl always works out with his buddy who is much more experienced in the treadmill than he is. Being highly competitive, Carl is the type of guy who pushes himself to the limit without thinking much about the consequences. So, during one of his workouts, he tried to increase the speed just to impress his friend. It was going fine until he suddenly felt the need to use the bathroom. Unfortunately, he could not find the button to slow down the speed (he used a different treadmill that day). To make things worse, he could not hold his pee any longer, and he ended up wetting his shorts!

Well, not only did Carl make an impression by running super fast on the treadmill, but he also turned a couple of heads for peeing on his shorts โ€“ and that sure was a double whammy for this poor guy.

Working out sure is a whole lot of fun, as long as you do it the right way.

Make sure you do things right during your workouts on a treadmill, and you can have an amazing experience with it – instead of getting stuck on a hilarious and entirely humiliating situation!

Treadmill Fun

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