3 Must-Read Funny Treadmill Moments

When you are working out, it is inevitable to come across some hilarious and a bit embarrassing experiences along the way.

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However, these little scenarios simply add to the fun and excitement in what you do. After all, that’s what working should be all about – exciting and enriching at the same time! So, here are a few funny treadmill moments that might be worth reading.

Hopefully, these stories can make your day as you take a stride during your workouts. 🙂

Treadmill FAILS: The Ultimate Compilation

All Tangled Up from Multi-Tasking

For people who want to get several things done at once, multi-tasking is the only way to go.

sole funny treadmill

When you are running on a treadmill, though, it may not be that easy for most multi-taskers. Just imagine this – taking long strides while practicing bicep curls and shoulder presses with a couple of dumbbells.

Sounds too easy?

Well, if you are used to do all these at the same time while you walk or run on a treadmill, then it can be fairly easy for you. Unfortunately, some people are not as talented when multi-tasking at the gym.

Sandra, a first-timer at the gym, decided to do a few other things on a treadmill – and it was not as easy as she thought it would be. After only a few lifts of the dumbbells, she ended up losing her balance and fell flat on her bottom! Good thing she was able to grab on the rails right away to pull herself up quickly. Because of that somewhat embarrassing and funny experience, she has decided to slow down the speed a bit when combining cardio and strength training.

Funniest Treadmill accident ever

Distracted and Unbalanced

It is quite common to see a lot of people with their earphones and bobbing their heads to the loud music playing on their MP3 players as they workout.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with listening to music or maybe watching from that tiny screen on your iPhone as you use the treadmill. However, if you become too absorbed into that music or video, then you may have a problem focusing on each stride you make.

For Mark, working out on a treadmill has been quite a bore.

He dislikes the idea of being stuck in a gym and running for hours on this exercise machine. So, he decided to bring his iPhone to his workout session and plugged in the earphone to give him some kind of distraction. It was going well for the first few minutes, but then a very interesting video started playing on his phone. That got him glued to the screen, and he was not even aware that he set the incline a few percentage higher than he was used to. Just as he started to adjust the volume on his phone, he suddenly lost his balance and fell on his knees!

For a second, he was glad no one saw that humiliating (and painful!) slip.

He just laughed it off and decided to listen to music instead, so he was able to focus more on his strides.

Funny treadmill accident

Making an Impression

Envious of your workout buddy who manages to workout at a much faster rate than you do?

When you are still stuck on your minimum speed and that already wears you out, it is understandable if you try to speed up just to break the habit. Well, unless you increase the speed subtly, it is perfectly fine.

However, stepping it up notches higher can do more harm than good.

Carl always works out with his buddy who is much more experienced in the treadmill than he is. Being highly competitive, Carl is the type of guy who pushes himself to the limit without thinking much about the consequences. So, during one of his workouts, he tried to increase the speed just to impress his friend. It was going fine until he suddenly felt the need to use the bathroom. Unfortunately, he could not find the button to slow down the speed (he used a different treadmill that day). To make things worse, he could not hold his pee any longer, and he ended up wetting his shorts!

Well, not only did Carl make an impression by running super fast on the treadmill, but he also turned a couple of heads for peeing on his shorts – and that sure was a double whammy for this poor guy.

Working out sure is a whole lot of fun, as long as you do it the right way.

Make sure you do things right during your workouts on a treadmill, and you can have an amazing experience with it – instead of getting stuck on a hilarious and entirely humiliating situation!

The F80 Treadmill (From Sole Fitness) Review

Treadmills play a huge role when one needs a way of keeping fit, especially an alternative of running or walking outdoors.

Many health specialists advise that running and walking daily is an ideal option for keeping fit and getting rid of the excess fat in the body. There are several treadmills on the market and the Sole F80 Treadmill is rated among the highest 20 percent. It’s the little sister to the Sole F85.

Here is a review of the product, in relation to its features and functions;

About The Sole F80 Treadmill

This product is an ideal choice if you want a reliable treadmill (with decent reviews). A new model was released in 2016, replacing the old model from 2013.

The Sole F80 Treadmill - Console Close-up

The Sole F80 Treadmill – Console Close-Up

This product will cut down the impact with a maximum of 40%, which converts to about -0.400, compared to the asphalt. It has a steady 3.5 CHP motor that can run for about 12 mph, which is a reliable speed.

The treadmill can also incline to a maximum of 15 different levels.

It also has a folding treadmill frame, which has been designed to fit in the house comfortably. You can run on 6 different standard programs and among them, 2 customizable programs and 2 programs for the heart rate. There are also other features like a stop watch, which is large enough to let you view your trend as you are running. It is easy to operate and will not challenge in any way.

sole f80 console 1

An amazing factor about the treadmill is that it has a cooling fan, so your sweating is reduced.

You can find reviews, and more in-depth details about the Sole Fitness F80, on other websites, such as the manufacturers website (Sole Fitness), www.treadmillwatch.comwww.consumerreports.org among several other review sites.

Features And Specifications Of The Treadmill

  • It weighs 278 pounds and it can handle a maximum of 375 pounds of weight.
  • It has a 3.5 CHP motor, which is a DC type.
  • It is fitted with 6 default programs, with 2 heart programs and 2 custom programs.
  • It also has cooling fans.
  • It has an white back-lit LCD display that measures 9.0inches.
  • There is a compatible MP3 system, so no more boredom in silence.
  • It measures 37 inches, by 57 inches by 82 inches and the deck measures 35 inches by 80 inches.
  • The running surface is 22 inches wide and 60 inches long.
  • There is a fitted speed range of between 0.5 mph to 12 mph.

sole f80 treadmill running surface


The Sole F80 Treadmill Technology

The treadmill has been fitted with a special technology that makes it overly different from most of the treadmills in the market. Here are the some of the technological features of the treadmill;

  • A folding deck design. It has been fitted with a special lock design that helps to keep the treadmill in place and in a vertical position. It also comes with a folding deck design that will allow the deck to fold itself,without you using any effort.
  • Expedient Controls. Here, the user will easily increase the speed and incline the treadmill in the shortest time possible, without any much difficulty. The LCD display is also handy and it will work well as the user will view their record as they are running.
  • Accuracy Welded Frame. The welding of the of the treadmill is precise and elegant, which help the product to last for long, thanks to the strong frame. This also helps it to handle people of different heights and weights.
  • A Whisper Deck That Is Cushion Flex. This treadmill has a special deck that allows users to work out comfortably and easily, with a 40% reduced impact. The deck is reversible and it has been lubricated with wax, so you are sure of maximum comfort.
  • Rollers. Other things that are special on the treadmill are rollers, which have been outfitted and the rollers measure 2.75” and they have a sealed bearing.

Benefits of The Treadmill

  • Easy to use. To begin with, the treadmill has a special control system that is user-friendly and you will not have much difficulty.
  • Versatile. The treadmill can hold up to 375 pounds and they have been designed in a way that they have a special customization that makes it able to hold users of different weights.
  • Easy to store. It has a folding technology that allows it to fold up automatically when you are done with your workout.
  • Advanced technology. The technology used is also enhanced and it allows you to enjoy all the functions of the treadmill. You can also adjust the speed and incline easily on the treadmill.

Are you considering a treadmill desk? Make sure to read this news article: Study Questions Benefits of Treadmill Desks.

The F80 Treadmill Conclusion

sole f80 console 2

This treadmill uses the enhanced Sole F80 Treadmill Technology, which makes it a top notch treadmill to use for the sake of running and walking.

It will also fit comfortably in the room and will fold easily when you want to store it.

It is worth the price – at least that’s what most of the Sole F80 reviews that we have found says.

Funny But Basic Treadmill Training Guide

Whether it is freezing cold or scorching hot outside, you can still keep yourself fit by walking on a treadmill.

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In fact, it is the perfect exercise machine that is convenient enough to use no matter what time of the day or night.

By applying this simple treadmill training guide, you can get the most out of this great equipment that can make you fit and healthy in easy ways!

  1. Try to workout without keeping your hands on the rails. Unless you are only cooling down during the last few minutes of your workout, try your best not to keep your hands on the rails to get the most out of your exercise. The thing about most people is that they hang onto the rails each time they take a stride on the treadmill. Unfortunately, this habit only shows that you are not exerting much force on your legs as you hold your weight up the whole time. As a result, you fail to boost your heart rate, which means you do not get to burn more calories than you should.  However, if you find it difficult not to grab on the rails as you train, then you might have to adjust the level of difficulty according to what suits you best. This way, you can get the maximum benefit from your workout as you train on the treadmill the right way.
  2. Follow a safe warm up technique. In any type of exercise routine, it is necessary to spend a few minutes on your warm ups to avoid injuries or accidents. Before you start running on a treadmill, consider walking for at least 3 minutes beginning with an easy walk and progress to a much faster pace. Afterwards, you can proceed to a marathon pace, yet keep it about a minute and a half slower each mile. The idea is to start slow and pick up the pace as you get your body ready for a more intense workout.
  3. Be aware of your own pace. Running on a treadmill for 10 minutes can never be compared with a 10-minute run outside. The absence of wind resistance, for instance, prevents you from reaching the indicated speed on the machine’s display monitor. So, you need to make some tweaks to your workout to compensate for this. One way to do this is by incorporating at least a 1-percent incline to your run (or maybe even more), so you can achieve the pace similar to what you can get from running outdoors.
  4. Try a bit harder each day. It is typical for some people to be contented with just taking a slow pace on the treadmill and keep at it until the end of their workout session. However, this is not the right way to do it when you want to burn more calories and achieve the most out of your training. Casual walking is comfortable and easy, but you need to go faster and use the incline to maximize your benefits. Try to increase your speed each time you workout, yet be aware of your body’s limits as you do so.
  5. Go for a comfortable stride. As you walk or run on a treadmill, you may suddenly have that strange feeling as though you are about to fall off the belt any minute. Some people react to this feeling by making their strides shorter and running closer to the front part of the treadmill while others choose to overstride just to keep up with the speed. Either way, you are only making things more difficult and less comfortable on your part. Just find a relaxed stride and stick to it, or you can always reduce the speed when it is already too much for you.
  6. Know the right maximum heart rate you should achieve. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, the only way for you to lose fat and burn more calories as you workout is when you have reached at least 70 percent of your maximum heart rate. Subtract your age from 220 to know your MHR. Then, just maintain that goal of hitting 70 percent – or maybe even higher – without overstressing your body. Whenever you feel exhausted, just set the pace into an easy jog or walk to cool yourself down before heading back to reach your goal.

Lastly, be sure to cool down before simply stepping off the treadmill.

The ideal length of time for the cooling down is a minute for each mile that you run.

So, if you did 10 miles, end your workout by taking 10 minutes of an easy walk.

Read our latest here: Sole Treadmill review.

Sole F85 Treadmill Review – Pros and Cons of the Product

When it comes to choosing a good treadmill, such as the Sole F85 treadmill, to buy, it is important to look for key features that make the item worthy of your investment.

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Check out this Sole F85 treadmill review to learn more about the product, and find out if this is the real deal you have been looking for in a reliable treadmill.

Sole F85 Treadmill Product Overview

As what you can expect from a decent exercise machine, the Sole F85 offers just what you need in a basic treadmill.

sole f85 treadmill

The Sole F85 is available from Sole Fitness (Mobile Friendly).

For instance, it is durable, feature-rich, and easy to use, which make it perfect for beginners or pros. Moreover, it comes with space-saving features, so having this machine at home is not a hassle even when you live in a small apartment or condominium unit. With the brilliant system called hydraulic lift-and-drop technology incorporated in this product, it is quick and easy to fold the treadmill deck after use.

Thus, it is not a surprise that this item is considered as one of the best-selling treadmills today, as per Jamie M.*** reviews.

Great Features and Benefits

The Sole F85 treadmill boasts of numerous features that make it a fine option among practical shoppers who need a solid exercise machine to keep them fit and healthy (see wikipedia).

The following are a few of what you can expect from this product:

1. Extensive Selection of Treadmill Programs

Aside from the impressive message board screen, the Sole F85 is packed with a number of features including standard, user-defined and heart-rate based programs.

These options allow you to set your pace and workout program depending on what suits your needs perfectly.

With that in mind, you can customize your workouts and maximize your benefits after each session.

2. The Sole F85 Treadmill Has Built-In Speakers

There is nothing else that can make your workouts more exciting than when you listen to music as you take a stride.

sole f85 speakers

What’s more, listening to your favorite songs as you workout can lighten your mood, motivate you to keep going, and basically redirect your focus from any sensations you may be experiencing to your fitness goals. With built-in speakers on both sides of the console, you can simply plug in your MP3 player and rock out to the tunes in your playlist.

If you wish, you may also use your earphones to let others enjoy a quiet time while you listen to your workout music.

3. Spacious Running Area

You will appreciate the treadmill’s spacious surface for running and walking, which is more roomy than regular treadmills in the market.

This is a superb feature because it suits the needs of larger and taller individuals who need more space for their long strides. You can even set the speed to about 12 mph and get a n intense workout by placing the incline to up to 15 percent.

With sufficient space and great capabilities, having this treadmill at home is definitely a treat.

4. Organized and Proper Placement of Features

Everybody wants an exercise machine that has all the right features placed where they should be.

This is exactly what the Sole F85 is all about, and you can find the screen monitor, cooling fan, function buttons and other components strategically located at the right places. You can easily set up the pace or inclination that you want as you check out the function button, which are grouped in an organized manner. If there is one thing that needs to be improved, though, it is the placement of the beverage holder since it is found below the arm rails.

However, this is not a deal-breaker, so you will still find the machine a solid choice considering its impressive features.

Important Considerations

The product may have stellar features, but there are a few things about it that can still be improved.

One of these is the lack of a touchscreen, which is a common component in new models of treadmills.

Since this product is nearly in the same price range as other treadmills with a touchscreen console, it would be great if that feature is added to this machine. Nevertheless, the 9-inch LED screen with backlight is good enough when you need to learn more about your current incline, speed, pace, pulse, and calories burned. You may even check out your progress throughout the duration of your workout.

The control buttons for incline and speed are positioned on one side of the rails for your convenience.

However, there are safety issues that come along the placement such as when you trip and accidentally increase the speed after grabbing onto the rail and brushing or altering the control buttons.

The Sole F85 console (courtesy of Jamie M.)

The Sole F85 console (courtesy of Jamie M.)

Bottom Line

While there are some not-so-good features in this product, the benefits certainly outweigh all of these.

Overall, you can expect total satisfaction with the sturdiness, user-friendly, and practical components of the product. So, if what you want is a treadmill that offers solid performance, durability and ease of use, then the Sole F85 is your best bet.

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